Hide Armor 5e | Dungeons And Dragons Weapons Guide

A medium armor called Hide Armor can be used by characters in DND as well as other characters in the game to protect themselves from harm.

This crude armor consists of thick furs and pelts. It is commonly worn by Barbarian tribes, evil Humanoids, and other folk who lack access to the tools and materials needed to create better armor.

Item Rarity: Standard
Item Type: Medium Armor
AC: 12
Subtype: Armor
Weight: 12

Frequently Asked Question of Hide Armor

This is one of the most powerful armors in D&D, however, many people have questions concerning it, so here is what you need to know:

1. Is Hide Armor Good?

A hide armor’s base rating is 20, making it marginally superior to cloth armor. However, it provides the greatest shield against hypothermia (freezing).

When a cold front moves in, this makes it an excellent choice for those living in the mountains or by the beach.

2. What Is Hide Armor In DND 5e?

The crude armor consists of fur and pelts. The armor is commonly worn by Barbarian tribes, evil Humanoids, and other people lacking the tools and materials to create better armor.

3. How Much Does Hide Armor Cost?

The cost of Hide Armor is 10 gp.

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