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Weekend at Strahd’s is a one shot adventure for casual play with your friends or enemies with characters levels 5–10.

One player plays the role of Strahd von Zarovich, using the vampire stat block or Strahd von Zarovich stat block during play.

This adventure relies on playing music that ties directly to the thematic elements of each of the ten scenes of this adventure.

The overall objective is for the characters to find five pieces of the Pentaforce to summon a powerful entity that can dispose of Strahd’s corpse once and for all!

The characters begin this adventure in the Dining Hall of the Count (Area K10) of Castle Ravenloft.

They have defeated Strahd, encounter Pidlwick II and learn they have two hours to collect the five pieces of the Pentaforce.

Once the pieces of the Pentaforce are collected, the characters may dispose of Strahd’s corpse once and for all.

About The Author:

Anthony Joyce and Oliver Clegg created this adventure under duress.

They apologize in advance for the abomination that follows. May Asmodeus have mercy on their souls.

About This Book:

This is a very amazing book that provides lot of adventure and astral campaigns. Throughout this adventure, creature names are hyperlinked to their corresponding stat blocks on D&D Beyond, and song titles are hyperlinked to Spotify.

Book Info:

Book Name: Weekend At Strahd’s
Languages: English
Publisher: Wizard of Coast
Author: Anthony Joyce and Oliver Clegg
Pages: 14

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