Githzerai Race : Guide and Overview for 5th Edition D&d

Githzerai migrated to the Everchanging Chaos of Limbo after the ancient schism that split their ancestors from their cousins, githyanki.

Limbo is a roiling maelstrom of matter and energy, collapsing and reforming without purpose or direction, until a creature exerts deliberate will to stabilize it.

Through their potent psionic power, githzerai carved a home for themselves amid the chaos. As the ages passed, githzerai explorers ranged out to other planes and worlds of the multiverse.

Githzerai are generally slender, with speckled skin in shades of yellow, green, or brown.

Eons of cultivating their mental powers within the endless chaos of Limbo have imbued githzerai with the ability to shape psionic energy to protect themselves and probe minds.

Githzerai Traits

As a githzerai, you have the following racial traits.

Creature Type: You are a Humanoid.

Size: You are Medium.

Speed: Your walking speed is 30 feet.

Githzerai Psionics: You know the mage hand cantrip, and the hand is invisible when you cast the cantrip with this trait.

Starting at 3rd level, you can cast the shield spell with this trait. Starting at 5th level, you can also cast the detect thoughts spell with it.

Once you cast shield or detect thoughts with this trait, you can’t cast that spell with it again until you finish a long rest.

You can also cast either of those spells using any spell slots you have of the appropriate level.

Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma is your spell casting ability for these spells when you cast them with this trait. None of these spells require spell components when you cast them with this trait.

Mental Discipline: Your innate psychic defenses grant you advantage on saving throws you make to avoid or end the charmed and frightened conditions on yourself.

Psychic Resilience: You have resistance to psychic damage.

Frequently Asked Question of Githzerai

Githzerai is a powerful race, but many times it seems very confusing. Below is the answer to a few common questions regarding this race;

1. What Is A Githzerai?

Githzerai are a race of psionic humanoids dwelling on the plane of Limbo. They’re descended from the same race of ancient illithid thralls as their cousins, the githyanki. Their name means “those who spurn Gith.”

2. What language Is Githzerai?

The githzerai spoke their own dialect of the Gith language, which used a unique form of writing called tir’su.

3. Is Githzerai Good 5e?

The Githzerai’s appeal for the Barbarian is extremely limited since they typically can’t use the innate spellcasting in combat.

The Githzerai, despite their depiction is monks, makes a decent barbarian.

Mental Discipline protects you from two common status condition which can easily take most barbarians out of a fight.

4. Does Githzerai Use Mental Discipline?


Your innate psychic defenses grant you advantage on saving throws you make to avoid or end the charmed and frightened conditions on yourself.

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