(2023) Sigil and the Outlands PDF

Sigil and the Outlands PDF: (A 96-page hardcover setting book)—Includes planar character options, details on the fantastic City of Doors, descriptions of the Outlands and the gate-towns that lead to the Outer Planes, and more.


Planescape is the D&D multiverse and so much more. Beyond the Great Wheel cosmology (detailed in the Dungeon Master’s Guide), Planescape
focuses on reality-bending adventures and aesthetics unbound from those of mortal worlds. Just as other D&D settings highlight certain concepts
but can host any genre of adventure or style of play, the same is true of Planescape. Adventures in Planescape campaigns often focus on the
following themes:

  • Backstage of Reality
  • Everywhere at Once
  • Multiversal Scale
  • Power and Possibility
  • Stage of Contradictions
  • Everything D&D

Using this Book

This book is a gateway to adventures across the multiverse, with a focus on two thresholds to the planes: Sigil, also called the City of Doors, and the Outlands, which acts as the hub of the Outer Planes.

Consult the Dungeon Master’s Guide for general details about the planes and their organization.

DMs can determine how much of this book they want to share with their players. Characters native to a Material Plane world might know nothing of the details herein, while experienced planar explorers could know everything in this book.

This introduction presents an overview of information vital to all who wander the planes.

Chapter 1 provides players with details on how to create characters suited to a Planescape campaign.

It presents the Gate Warden and Planar Philosopher backgrounds, feats inspired by the planes, and a collection of spells and magic items appropriate for planar travelers.

Chapter 2 introduces the mind-boggling city of Sigil, the enigmatic Lady of Pain, and various other city inhabitants.

Chapter 3 presents the Outlands, a neutral plane at the center of the Great Wheel, along with details on the gate-towns—communities at the thresholds to the Outer Planes—and other incredible realms.

Book info:

Book Name: Sigil and the Outlands PDF
Publisher: Wizards of the Coast.
Publication Date: 17 October 2023
Language: English
Pages: 95 Pages
Author: Wizards RPG Team

How to Download PDF

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