D&D Ancestral Weapons PDF (5e) Free Download

D&D Ancestral Weapons PDF: The Ancestral Weapons is very powerful DND book. In this book lot of highly recommend weapons are introduce.

The rules for magical heirloom weapons, for use in the world’s greatest roleplaying game.

Overview About Ancestral Weapons

Ancestral weapons contains all the rules you need to bring these powerful items into your Dungeons and Dragons games.

A character with an ancestral weapon will have it level up with them throughout the campaign.

These weapons will develop their own unique traits and abilities to match their story and each character’s playstyle.

As the character performs acts that honor the memories of the ancestors who previously wielded this weapon, it will grow in power, unlocking upgrades that keep the item relevant through the campaign.

There are over 130 different upgrades presented in this tome, everything from acting faster in the initiative order, to casting spells from the weapon.

From dealing thunder damage when you strike an opponent to giving the wielder the power of flight.

With tens of millions of possible combinations, these weapons can truly be shaped by your characters and their history.

No longer will they cast aside their family blade when a +1 longsword turns up in a goblin.

How to Use This Product

This product can be used whenever a character hasexpressed in their backstory that they have had a family weapon passed down.

Equally, you could decide that a character is to be gifted an ancestral weapon by a family member during the story.

There are many reasons to include ancestral weaponry, and this extra level of character flexibility will be appreciated by the players.

The rules for upgrading allow for three separate ways to develop an ancestral weapon.

The first is for the player to choose their upgrades, deciding what suits their character better.

The second option is that the Dungeon Master decides on the upgrades, building the item on a predetermined path based on its history. Thirdy, a DM may choose the options based on a character’s actions.

All of these options are equally as effective and depends on the group and players within as to which style suits you best.

This toolset is designed as a way to add another layer of fun into Dungeons and Dragons.

If there is an upgrade not contained within this module, and you think that would be suitable for this game, do not be afraid to add it.

If you want the whole party to have these weapons, do it. There is no wrong way to use this product, so don your armor, grab your ancestral glaive, and it’s time to write some history!

Book Info:

Book Name: D&D Ancestral Weapons PDF
Publisher: Wizard of The Coast
Pages: 31
Language: English
Author: Matt Vaughan

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