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Out of the Abyss Description:

Out of the Abyss is a campaign that takes characters on a dangerous journey from level one to fifteen or beyond.

The PCs start out captured in the Underdark with no equipment and the whole first chapter is dedicated to them escaping.

They are jailed with several interesting NPCs that may help (and escape with)
the PCs. Each NPC is detailed and has unique motives and ambitions.

The early part of the book deals with the PCs enslavement and escape from a drow outpost. Then there is a chapter that gives guidelines for travelling in the Underdark.

This includes random encounters, travel times and madness. Madness may be gained by obersving or interacting with the demonic forces at work in the Underdark.

The next four chapters details the main four locations PCs may travel to after escaping. Each location is unique and might be of interest to an NPC escapee.

There is no set order to visit these locations and the party may not even need to visit them all. Each location is like a mini-campaign on its own.

Chapter 7 is used once the PCs are ready to emerge from the Underdark.

It is a condition-based event and requires the PCs to accomplish certain things as determined by the DM.

The adventure doesn’t end there through. The PCs are summoned and asked to return to the Underdark to gain more information.

Like in Princes of the Apocalypse, the various factions are involved. Representatives are present and might even be persuaded to aid the PCs.

Mantol-Derith is a diverse outpost outlined in Chapter 9.

It leads you to Gravenhollow, a stone giant library, which is detailed in Chapter 11.

Here the characters meet a powerful drow ally, the archmage Vizeran.

Chapter 10 is similar to the second chapter. It gives guidelines for travelling even further into the Underdark and what the PCs encounter on the way.

Vizeran’s plan and the character’s role in it are covered in chapters 12 through 14. And in chapter 15 the adventurers travel to the drow city of Menzoberranzan.

There is a lot of detail on the city and it’s features. They also learn Vizeran’s motives and true plans. They may react as they wish.

In Chapter 16 the PCs are caught up in a battle between two demon lords and can help finish off the winner.

The same thing occurs in the last chapter as the PCs must wait out the victor of the clash of demons and eliminate the battered survivors.

Appendix A provides alternate features, and background for the PCs that tie in with the Underdark. The next appendix is full of unusual magic items.

Appendix C has stat blocks for the creatures that are featured in Out of the Abyss that cannot be found in the Monster Manual.


“I really enjoyed reading and running this adventure! Very sandboxy while also telling a distinct strory.

“High quality D&D module from Wizards. Dungeon & Dragons supplements have come a lOng way from when I was a kid This is fun, incredibly well designed, and full of imagination.The quality of this work cannot be cover emphasized. Great great stuff.”

“This book really makes the Underdark come alive. Unique locations, weird and interesting creatures and personalities, exciting encounter’s.”
-Sam Dongz

About the Author:

Wizards of the Coast game company was started in the home of Peter Adkison in 1990. It grew to be a leader in the hobby gaming business and a part of the global Hasbro family.

The purpose Wizards of the Coast is to Provide great entertainments for the hobby gaming community through games, novels, comics, TV series, apparel and more.

Table of Contents:

Chapter1: Prisoners of the Drow

    -The Adventure Begins.
    -Designing D&D Encounters Sessions .
    -In the Slave Pen
    -The Drow
    -Means of Escape
    -Leaving Velkynvelve
    -XP Awards

Chapter2: Into Darkness.

    -Where to Go? .
    -Designing D&D Encounters Sessions .
    -Underdark Travel..
    -Fungi of the Underdark.
    -Narrating the Journey
    -Drow Pursuit.
    -Random Encounters
    -Summarizing Travel
    -Set Encounters.
    -The Silken Paths..
    -Hook Horror Hunt.
    -The Oozing Temple.
    -Lost Tomb of Khaem.

Chapter3: The Darklake..

    -Traversing the Darklake
    -Designing D&D Encounters Sessions ..
    -Random Encounters .
    -XP Awards
    -Aditional Play

AppendixA: Modifying Backgrounds.
Substitute Features.
Substitute Bonds
AppendixB: Magic Items.
AppendixC: Creatures .

    -Other Creatures

Book Details

Rules required : Dungeons & Dragons, 5th edition
Character levels : 1–15
Campaign setting : Forgotten Realms
First published : September 15, 2015.

How to Download PDF

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