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Astral Adventurer’s Guide is newly release DND adventuring book that provides lot of adventure terminology and astral campaigns.

The book specially design for those players who fully intrested in adventures.

In a D&D game, adventures can unfold in any corner of the multiverse—not just in the dungeons and wildernesses of the Material Plane but also on other planes of existence, including what celestial navigators refer to as Wildspace.

When you stand on a Material Plane world and look up at the night sky, what you’re seeing is Wildspace and, beyond that, the Astral Sea.

Exploring these realms and the worlds they surround is the crux of a Spelljammer campaign.

Using This Book

Most of the Astral Adventurer’s Guide is designed to be shared with players.

Think of this book’s chapters as a primer for creating characters and running adventures in the uncharted void that surrounds each of the worlds of the Material Plane:

Chapter 1: contains new material for players, including two backgrounds and six race options.

Chapter 2: gives players and DMs rules for spelljamming as well as statistics and illustrations for various spelljamming vessels.

The chapter also includes a few spells and magic items that are popular among astral voyagers.

Chapter 3: describes the Rock of Bral, a city built on an asteroid, which you can use as a port of call or a campaign hub.

You can situate it anywhere in Wildspace or the Astral Sea.

Book Info:

Book Name: Astral Adventurer’s Guide
Edition: 5th
Language: English
Pages: NA
Publication Date: 16 August 2022
Writer/Editor: Christopher Perkins, Kate Irwin, Jeremy Crawford, Judy Bauer, Kim Mohan

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