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Chronicles of Darkness PDF: In the shadows and between the cracks of our everyday lives hide the Chronicles of Darkness. Here lurk creatures of ancient myth and urban legend.

Here lie the graves of angels and the bunkers of secret government programs. Here every malformed horror you’ve ever seen out of the corner of your eye has a home. And they’ve seen you.

Don’t look back!

Chronicles of Darkness RPG rulebook contains:

  • A guide to creating characters to explore a world of modern horror, from hopes and fears to psychic powers.
  • Dramatic rules for investigation, social manipulation, and bone-crunching violence.
  • Over a dozen monsters straight out of weird fiction and urban legend… plus complete rules for creating your own.
  • The God-Machine Chronicle, a massive collection of sample characters and tech agnostic adventures.
  • Formerly titled WoD Core Rulebook 2nd Edition

What Happen In This Book

At a warehouse on 17th street, surgeries are performed in accordance with the phase of the moon.

In the suburbs, a housewife dotes on a large dog with man-like hands. Roaming the backwoods, there is a man who traded his hand to a hungry devil for immortality.

He spends his nights polishing his hook.

These are the Chronicles of Darkness, tales of a world like ours, but just slightly wrong. A place we recognize, but where our fears take on lives of their own.

The Chronicles of Darkness Rulebook is the key to exploring that world, a guide to storytelling encounters with the uncanny and a foundation for tales in which the monster becomes the hero.

The Chronicles of Darkness Rulebook will help you and your friends tell tales of thrills and chills.

It provides tools for investigation, violence, setting-building, and more, but layers them on top of a framework that lets you dial back the complexity and improvise at any time.

How to Use This Book

The Chronicles of Darkness Rulebook describes how to create protagonists for your own unique horror stories, how to adjudicate the results of their actions, and how to play a storytelling game with your friends.

Use this book as an introduction to both storytelling games and the unique setting of the Chronicles of Darkness.

Book Info:

Book Name: Chronicles of Darkness PDF
Publisher: ‎Independently published
Publication Date: February 17, 2016
Language: English
Pages: 294
Author: Rose Bailey, Meghan Fitzgerald, David A Hill Jr, Matt Miller, Travis Stout, Audrey Whitman, Filamena Young

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