Vecna: Eve of Ruin PDF 2024 Free Download

Vecna: Eve of Ruin PDF is a newly launched 256-page hardcover adventure book for 10th to 20th level characters. It was launched on May 21, 2024. DNDBeyond Ripped file is now available to Download. Official PDF will be available soon here.

The notorious lich Vecna is weaving a ritual to eliminate good, obliterate the gods, and subjugate all worlds. To stop Vecna before he remakes the universe, the heroes work with three of the multiverse’s most famous archmages, travel to far-flung locales, and rebuild the legendary Rod of Seven Parts.

Vecna: Eve of Ruin™ is a high-stakes DUNGEONS & DRAGONS® adventure in which the fate of the multiverse hangs in the balance. The heroes begin in the Forgotten Realms® and travel to Planescape®, Spelljammer®, Eberron®, Ravenloft®, Dragonlance®, and Greyhawk® as they race to save existence from obliteration.

A DUNGEONS & DRAGONS adventure for characters of levels 10–20.
For use with the fifth edition Player’s Handbook®, Monster Manual®, and Dungeon Master’s Guide®


The 2024 Core Rulebooks provide new options for players and DMs along with updates and improvements to the classes, mechanics, items, and monsters of fifth edition.

All updates are being done with care to make sure anything from fifth edition will continue to be fully playable. The 2024 rules revisions are designed to be fully compatible with everything you’re playing today in fifth edition.

In response to nearly a decade of fan feedback, the 2024 core rulebooks will offer players and DMs tons of new character options, spells, feats, monsters, items, and more in a fun, balanced, and accessible approach to playing Dungeons & Dragons.

  • Vecna: Eve of Ruin, a 256-page hardcover adventure book for 10th to 20th level characters
  • Double-sided poster map
  • 30+ Terrifying new monsters spawning from all over the multiverse
  • Detailed character dossiers with exclusive insights into legendary allies who you may recognize from other D&D adventures
  • D&D Beyond digital copy of Vecna: Eve of Ruin


Info will be updated soon.


Just click on the link given below to Download the DNDbeyond Ripped PDF
Official one will be available soon, so bookmark this page.

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