2023 The Book of Many Things PDF

The Book of Many Things: This accompanying 192-page book “illustrates the deck’s mysteries and provides everything players and Dungeon Masters need to use it in-game.” This includes advice on using the deck, adventure locations, new monsters, character options, magic items, and organizations that have all been inspired by the iconic deck.

About The Book

The Book of Many Things PDF is a 192-page book that tells more about the Deck of Many Things‘ past. It also has tips on how to use the deck in a D&D 5e game that is already going on.

For the first time in D&D history, the book also tells the story of the Deck of Many Things and how it was made by Istus, the Goddess of Fate from the Greyhawk game setting.

The book also has the new “Cartomancer” feat, which lets players add spells to cards. This feat was first seen in the “Wonder of the MultiverseUnearthed Arcana playtest, which came out in July 2022.

There are also 50 new magic items, 35 new monster statblocks, and two new backgrounds. Lastly, it adds new places, groups, and NPCs that are connected to the Deck of Many Things.


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