Creatures of the Abbyss PDF

This supplement is for dungeon masters looking to add an extra bit of the fiendish to theiradventures, and to challenge players with something they may have not seen before.

Within are many original creatures, inspired from our own imaginations, past readings, or from further delving into mythology to see what other beings lurk in mankind’s lore.

Aleadar the Hell Hydra, for example, is a combination of two classical monsters of Greek mythology: they multi headed hydra and the multiheaded dog Cerberus.

Other creatures have been added in from previous versions of D&D, adapted for the fifth edition. Some are variations on old favorites that could add a new twist into a campaign.

Also included are a variety of Non-Player Characters (NPCs) that can serve a variety of purposes, be it a final loathsome enemy, a tormented spirit in need of assistance, or even a potential ally.

These creatures span multiple challenge ratings (CRs), allowing a Dungeon Master many options to challenge their players throughout their adventures.

Book Info:

Book Name: Creatures of the Abbyss
Language: English
Edition: 5th
Publisher: DMs Guild
PDF Size: 143 MB
Pages: 125
Author: Aaron Gentry, Dan Salvucci, Jeffrey Fischer, David, Serrano, Ciaran O’Halloran, ELF Vesala, Matthew Arter, Justin Dixon, Craig Mackie, Kayla Bayens

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