D&D 5.0 DMG Uncaged goddesses pregenerated characters pdf

A new set of rules, feats, tactics, spells, and equipment are provided in this book for characters that hunt aberrations. The extensive story and campaign elements and flavor information enhance the enjoyment of playing or fighting creatures of this type. The book itself is presented in a prestige format, with heavy use of artwork throughout and a full-color cover.

Wizards of the Coast’s own survey data indicates that most campaigns end or fizzle out before reaching Tier 4, and many players have never experienced Tier 4 play. However, we believe that Tier 4 games are a lot of fun to play, and we hope that this book will make them more accessible to everyone. This is where these characters come into play.

What Inside The Book:

There will be eight pregenerated Tier 4 player characters, each level 18, with instructions on how to level them up to 19 and 20 in this supplement. There are four pregenerated characters included in Uncaged: Goddesses (fighter, cleric, rogue, and wizard) as well as four additional pregenerated characters (druid, bard, paladin, and warlock).

These pregens have been designed to be fun, balanced, and as simple as possible, so that any table can jump in and begin playing the adventures in this book immediately. In order to provide space and ease of navigation, we have formatted Tier 4 characters as stat blocks in order to make them easier to navigate. Everything needed to play one of these characters is included in their stat blocks, but if anyone is interested in more details about any abilities or other aspects of a character’s build, most of that information can be found in the Player’s Handbook, with magic item descriptions found in the Dungeon Master’s Guide, unless otherwise noted.

In the same manner as any pre-generated character, players are encouraged to give them their own unique personality. Players and DMs can change the equipment, abilities, spells, races, and more of these pregen characters to fit the needs of their respective tables.

Book Info:

Book Name: DMG Uncaged goddesses pregenerated characters
Languages: English
Pages: 30
Publisher: Wizard of Coast
Author: Gwen Bassett, James Fiacco

We hope you find these pregens to be helpful and enjoyable. It is a pleasure to play around in the epic world that is Tier 4.