Dungeoneer’s Survival Guide PDF

The Advanced dungeon & dragons game system continues to be the most popular role-playing game in the world.

As the RPG hobby evolves, it is only natural that the AD&D game system should continue to grow with it.

The roots of the game lie deep within the earth, among the dungeons and realms where most of us got our first taste of fantasy role-playing. It is these roots that are attended to in this rule book.

Now, boldly brandishing a new collection of information and guidance, characters can once again enter the regions of the underearth, face the tremendous challenges there, and return with treasures and experiences from the finest sort of adventure gaming.

In this book rules on topics such as swimming, climbing, moving and fighting in narrow passages, and other categories of the underground game are included here.

Book Info:

Book Name: Dungeoneer’s Survival Guide
Language: English
Publisher: TSR Inc
PDF Size: 28.3 MB
Pages: 130
Author: Douglas Niles

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