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Introduction of This Book:

Dungeons & Dragons is a fantastic, exciting and imaginative game of role playing for adults 12 years and up.

Each player creates a character or characters who may be dwarves, elves, halflings or human fighting men, magic-users, pious clerics or wily thieves.

The characters are then plunged into an adventure in a series of dungeons, tunnels, secret rooms and caverns run by another player: the referee, often called the Dungeon Master.

The dungeons are filled with fear some monsters, fabulous treasure and frightful perils.

As the players engage in game after game their characters grow in power and ability: the magic users learn more magic spells, the thieves increase in cunning and ability, the fighting men, halflings, elves and dwarves, fight with more deadly accuracy and are harder to kill.

Soon the adventurers are daring to go deeper and deeper into the dungeons on each game, battling more terrible monsters, and, of course, recovering bigger and more fabulous treasure!

The game is limited only by the inventiveness and imagination of the players, and, if a group is playing to gether, the characters can move from dungeon to dungeon within the same magical universe if game referees are approximately the same in their handling of play.

The Dungeon Master designs the dungeons and makes careful maps on graph paper. The players do not know where anything is located in the dungeons until the game begins and they enter the first passage or room. They create their own map as they explore.

How To Use This Book

The game requires at least two players, one of whom is the Dungeon Master and has prepared the dungeon, the set of dice, pencil and paper for keeping records and maps, and optionally.

A table top to represent the locality of the adventurers with some form of markers for the characters and the monsters they encounter.

The game is more exciting and spectacular using the lead miniature figures mentioned above, which can be painted to each player’s individual taste, but paper markers or chessman can be used effectively.

Read this whole book through, except for the Sample Dungeon section at the end.

After one player has been chosen to be Dungeon Master, he or she should then read through the description of the sample dungeon.

The other players then create a character apiece, equip the characters, all as described below, and then the players are ready to venture into the danger-filled depths of the dungeon!

Creating Characters:

There are six basic abilities for each character: strength, intelligence, wisdom, constitution, dexterity and charisma.

Each player starts a character by rolling three 6-sided dice for each characteristic.

18 is as high as one can get with three dice, so a character with a strength of 18 would be super-powerful, one with a strength of 3 (lowest possible dice roll) would barely be able to lift his sword off the ground.

After all six abilities have been rolled and recorded on a separate piece of paper or other permanent record for the character, the player decides what class the character will be.

This decision is based on the character’s strongest abilities and the player’s preferences.

Strength is obviously important for fighters and is considered the prime requisite for that class. A score of 9-12 is average.

There are advantages to fighting men with scores of 13 and higher when it comes to accumulating experience, as explained later, so any character with a strength of 13 to 18 should be considered for the fighting class.

Intelligence is the prime requisite for magic-users. Since there are advantages to the magic-user if his intelligence is 13 or higher, any character with such a score should be considered for this class.

High intelligence also allows any character to learn additional languages.

Wisdom is the prime requisite for clerics. Clerics can perform miraculous spells even though they do not have special intelligence, and second level (experienced) clerics can heal wounds.

If a character has a high wisdom score (13 and over) he would do well as a cleric.

Constitution is a combination of health and endurance. It will influence how a character can with stand being paralyzed or killed and raised from the dead, etc.

In addition, dwarves and halflings have strong constitutions and a character should have a constitution greater than 9 to be a dwarf or a halfling.

Dexterity applies to speed and accuracy. Characters with high dexterity can get off the first arrow, throw the first spell or draw a weapon and strike the first blow.

Dexterity is the prime requisite for thieves, and scores of 13 and over in this ability make the character a good candidate for the thief class.

Halflings are also noted for their dexterity with weapons and a character should have a dexterity greater than 9 to be a halfling.

Charisma is a combination of appearance, personality, sex appeal and so forth.

Its most important aspect is leadership. A character of charisma below 13 can not hire more than 5 followers, and their loyalty will be luke-warm at best — that is, if the fighting gets hot there is a good probability they will run away.

On the other hand, someone with a charisma of 18 can win over a large number of followers (men or monsters) who will probably stand by him to the death.

Also a female with high charisma will not be eaten by a dragon but kept captive.

A charismatic male defeated by a witch will not be turned into a frog but kept enchanted as her lover, and so forth.

Book info:

Book Name: Dungeons & Dragons Box Set
Publisher: ‎Wizards of the Coast
Language: English
Pages: ‎103 pages
Author’s: Brian Blume, Ernie Gygax, Tim Kask, Jeff Key, Rob Kuntz, Terry Kuntz, Alan Lucien, Steve Marsh, Mike Mornard, and Jim Ward.

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About the Publisher:

The Author & Publishers is DND Wizard RPG Teams, The purpose Wizards of the Coast is to Provide great entertainments for the hobby gaming community through games, novels, comics, Tv series, apperel and more.

Frequently Asked Question of Dungeons & Dragons Box Set

1. Who Is Publisher of Dungeons & Dragons Box Set?

From the reliable source came to know that the publisher of Dungeons & Dragons Box Set is Wizard Of The Coast.

2. How Many Pages Are Included In Dungeons & Dragons Box Set?

The total number of pages in this Dungeons & Dragons Box Set is 103.

3. Who Is Author And Editor of Dungeons & Dragons Box Set?

The author and editor is Brian Blume, Ernie Gygax, Tim Kask, Jeff Key, Rob Kuntz, Terry Kuntz, Alan Lucien, Steve Marsh, Mike Mornard, and Jim Ward.

4. Does Creating Characters Included In Dungeons & Dragons Box Set?


The creating characters is included in dungeons & dragons box set. There are six basic abilities for each character: strength, intelligence, wisdom, constitution, dexterity and charisma.