Hamund’s Herbalism Handbook PDF

This book is the compilation of copious amounts of travel notes, interacting with and consuming every magical plant ranging from the mighty mountain heart ginseng, to the mirthful sillypad.

Within these pages you will find not only an exhaustive compendium of useful plants and herbs you may find on your travels, but also instructions on how to forage for them, how to brew them into powerful tinctures, new spells to add to your arsenals, and musings.

Nature has grown these miracles for us, and after reading this book, you will know how to take them all for yourself.

Aim Of This Guide

If you have ever played an open world fantasy RPG game, chances are that it included some sort of mechanic to gather plants and herbs as you roam through the map.

Other than providing useful buffs and abilities to the player, these herbs also serve as little pieces of worldbuilding – changing availability as the environment does, or serving as quest items for NPCs.

This book aims to provide that same experience, as well as to serve the needs of any DM whose players constantly ask them if they can forage something while out travelling between quest locations.

This book contains over 160 unique herbs, designed to be usable in any campaign that a DM can slot in to provide a whole new dimension of exploration and worldbuilding to their games.

There’s also rules for foraging, some new spells, and a couple extra goodies.

Book Info:

Book Name: Hamund’s Herbalism Handbook
Language: English
Edition: 5th
Publisher: Wizard of The Coast
PDF Sizs: 40.5 MB
Pages: 48
Author: Jasmine Yang

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