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Lonely mountain region guide is powerful roll playing gaming book. In this books lots of new features are included.

This book has been written in english language and it publisher is cubicle 7 entertainment ltd.

Currently 5th edition of this book is available, with total page count of 144.


For many centuries, the lands about the Lonely Mountain were part of the Desolation of Smaug, abandoned by all who feared the Dragon.

But since Bard the Bowman slew Smaug, the kingdoms of Erebor and Dale their fates entwined are resurgent, their cities rebuilt, their fortunes revived.

In the North, there are no greater wonders than Erebor and Dale.

The Lonely Mountain Region Guide takes Adventures in Middle-earth east of Mirkwood, to the Kingdom under the Mountain and the Kingdom of Dale.

As well as describing both the cities of Erebor and Dale, it also details one of the most terrible foes a hero might hope never to face: Dragons.

How to use the Lonely Mountain Region Guide

This supplement is a guide to the places and peoples of this part of Middle-earth, and is an invaluable source of new gaming material that expands upon what has been presented in Adventures in Middle-earth.

It is intended primarily for the Loremaster, who can use this material to greatly enhance an ongoing campaign.

Players especially those playing Dwarven or Barding heroes may be allowed to read some of this guide, but others should generally refrain from doing so.

The companion volume to the Lonely Mountain Region Guide is entitled Erebor Adventures.

This supplement contains six adventures that see the kingdoms of Dale and Erebor beset by dangers from within and without.

Many of the Loremaster characters and locations featured in this guide play key roles in these adventures.

You don’t need Erebor Adventures to use the Lonely Mountain Region Guide, but Erebor Adventures relies upon the information in this supplement.

Book Info:

Book Name:Lonely Mountain Region Guide PDF
Authors:Gabriel Garcia, Andrew Kenrick, Mark A. Latham, T.S. Luikart, Francesco Nepitello, Jacob Rodgers, James M. Spahn and Kenneth Spencer
Total Pages:144
Publication Date:NA
Publisher:Cubicle 7 Entertainment Ltd

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