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This handbook for Advanced Dungeons and Dragons game enthusiasts contains rules, rule modifications, and spell effects for the ethereal, astral, inner, and outer planes, as well as rules for planar travel and adventures

The term” the planes” encompasses all the alternate levels of reality that may be encountered in the

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons game. The planes are more than a different part of a standard campaign, or a different planet to adventure on.

The many known planes have very different physical and magical laws than most adventurers are used to.

These planes each have unique rewards as well as unique dangers. The concept of the planes has evolved in the time since the creation of the AD & D game.

It will continue to evolve long after this book goes to print. As the AD & D game universe currently stands.

There are five basic groupings of the planes:

  • The Prime Material planes
  • The Ethereal planes
  • The inner planes
  • The Astral plane
  • The outer planes

Book Info:

Book Name: Manual of the planes
Language: English
Publisher: TSR Inc
PDF Size: 24.4 MB
Pages: 130
Author: Jeff Grubb

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