Top 5 Best Uncommon D&D Magic Items

The Concept of thematically linked sets of magic items that provide more power when used together has a great pedigree in fantasy fiction, Magic item sets to remedy that.

The collection benifites of each set are carefully designed to provide appealing bonus abilities that aren’t unbalancing.

The character never pays gold for these extra powers: Their value is not added to the costs of the items in the set.

We don’t want a player whose item set components have not yet yielded any additional abilites to feel like he has paid too much for his item. So lets start the post.

1. Amulet of Proof Against Detection and Location.

From the reliable souce to know that amulets are “a Small object worn to ward off evil, harm, or illness or to bring good fortune; protecting charm.” This word, originated from the French, has been around as early as 1595.

Amulets are typically worn around the neck, can be made of any material, and commonly referenced in D&D adventure!

If you are lucky to find an Amulet of Proof Against Detection and Location during your campaign, your characters can reap the benifits. It’s magic item is very useful in this game, It will take on this game to the next level.

What is inside of Amulet of Proof Against Detection:

  • Magic item are fun to discover after a battle or successful opening a locked treasure chest.
  • The amulet is beneficial for characters trying to avoid combat or discovery.
  • Wearing this item prevents discovery through divination magic or magical scrying sensors.

Some more informative details on that Amulet of Proof Against Detection.

  • Its simply activate on the game. This amulet requires an attunement before using the item in battle.
  • Considered as a wonderful item, which is basically the miscellaneous category of magic item in D&D.
  • This item is more effective, and this item is worth-between 101-500 gp.

2. Bag of Holding

This magic item is more amazing, and one of the disadvantages of travelling on an adventure is that players must carry item and said item can be heavy. As a result, this can literally slow your roll affecting dexterity and movement.

The Bag of holding is considered a wondrous magic item and a great find if players like to carry lots of items to use or sell!

What is inside of the Bag of Holding:

  • The Bag of Holding only weighs 15 pounds, so it would be easy to carry.
  • Also, this item holds up to 500 pounds, so you can find and store all the found treasure and needed supplies!
  • Its carry lots of equipment and magical items.

Some more informative detail on that Bag of Holding:

  • If the player wants to retrieve an item from the Bag of Holding, he or she must use an action.
  • The dimension of the bag are two feet in diameter and four feet deep, or its holds up to 500 pounds.
  • If the bag of holding is damaged, the contents will spill out in the Astral plane.Its more easily to carry and use.

3. Boots of Elvenkind

In D&D campaigns, most adventurer will need to travel on foot. Why not travel as quietly as possible? Link many elvish magical and non-magical items, Boots of Elvenkind are attractive and well-made. In addition, this magical item will assist even the clumsiest adventurer.

What is inside of Elvenkind:

  • Elven boots are attractive, durable, and will make you character stealthy liks a boss!
  • When you move in the Boots of Elvenkind, no matter where, you will not be heard. That can be advantageous when sneaking up on an oppenent or trying to avoid an encounter altogether.

Some more informative details on Boots of Elvenkind:

  • The boots alsi giev an advantage on Dexterity.(Roll 2d20s and take the higher result)
  • Also known as Adeventuring gear, the Boots of Elvenkind are aslo considered as a wonderful item.

4. Brooch of Shielding:

From the relible source came to know the brooch “a clasp or ornament having a pin at the back for passing through the clothing and a catch for securing the point of the pin.” Brooches origunated in the Middle Ages and the term came into existence in the year 1175. Since these item are older.

What is inside of Brooch of Shielding:

  • Cosidered as a wonderful item, the Brooch of Shielding provides resistance to damage from force damage.
  • Not only useful, but this ornate piece of jewelry is also attractive to wear.
  • The waerer of this brooch is automatically immune to magic missile spells. How fun is that to negate an enemy’s spell during battle.

Some more informative details on Brooch of Shielding details:

  • Be sure to have this magic item attuned before using it in combat.
  • This uncommon magical brooch is worth about 500gp.

5. Cloak of Protection

This is very amazing magical item. This magic item is beautifully ornate, embroidered in both silver and gold, and the color of the cloak is a bluish purple.

The Cloak of Protection also includes a hood that will keep the wearer safe and warm.This magic item is beautifully ornate

What is inside of the Cloak of Protection:

  • Cosidered as adventuring gear, wearing this cloak is fun because it will give you a +1 on your armor class!
  • Also, you will have a +1 on your saving throw
  • Not only is this a magical item, but an attractive garment. In other words, it would be fashionable to wear.

Some more informative details on Cloak of Protection:

  • Make sure you have this item attuned before wearing it.
  • This Cloack of Protection in considered a wonderful item.

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