One Hundred Adventure Ideas For DND RPG Game

One hundred adventur ideas

D&D game is a powerful role play game, is computerized, Visual garaphic, higher quality video game.

Its fantasy leagues game, it including lots of charcters, and more magical items its make so fantastic. D&D game is a cooperative game, not a competitive one. In other words, you don’t compete against the other players and you don’t win by beating them.

Use the following list for spur of the movement adventure seeds or for generating ideas.

d% Adventure idea

1. Thieves steal the crown jewels.

2. A Dragon files into a town and demands tribute.

3. The tomb of an old wizard has been discovered.

4. Wealthy merchants are being killed in their homes.

5. The statue in the town square is found to be a petrified paladin.

6. A caravan of important goods is about to leave for a trip through a dangerous area.

7. Cultists are kidnapping potential sacrifices.

8. Goblins riding spider eaters have been attacking the outskirtsof a town.

9. Local bandits have joined forces with a tribe of bugbears.

10. A blackguard is organizing monsters in an area.

11. A gate to the lower planes threatens to bring more demons tothe world.

12.Miners have accidentally released something awful that oncewas buried deep.

13. A wizards’ guild challenges the ruling council.

14. Racial tensions rise between humans and elves.

15. A mysterious fog brings ghosts into town.

16. The holy symbol of a high priest is missing.

17. An evil wizard has developed a new kind of golem.

18. Someone in town is a werewolf.

19. Slavers continue to raid a local community.

20. A fire elemental escapes from a wizard’s lab.

21. Bugbears are demanding a toll on a well-traveled bridge.

22. A mirror of opposition has created an evil duplicate of a hero.

23. Two orc tribes wage a bloody war.

24. New construction reveals a previously unknown underground

25. A nearby kingdom launches an invasion.

26. Two well-known heroes fight a duel.

27. An ancient sword must be recovered to defeat a ravaging monster.

28. A prophecy foretells of coming doom unless an artifact isrecovered.

29. Ogres kidnap the mayor’s daughter.

30. A wizard is buried in a trap-filled tomb with her powerful magic items.

31. An enchanter is compelling others to steal for him.

32. A shapechanged mind flayer is gathering mentally controlled

33. A plague brought by wererats threatens a community.

34. The keys to disarming all the magic traps in a wizard’s tower have gone missing.

35. Sahuagin are being driven out of the sea to attack coastalvillages.

36. Gravediggers discover a huge, ghoul-filled catacomb under the

37. A wizard needs a particularly rare spell component found only in the deep jungle.

38. A map showing the location of an ancient magic forge is discovered.

39. Various monsters have long preyed upon people from within the sewers of a major city.

40. An emissary going into a hostile kingdom needs an escort.

41. Vampires are preying upon a small town.

42. A haunted tower is reputed to be filled with treasure.

43. Barbarians begin tearing up a village in a violent rage.

44. Giants steal cattle from local farmers.

45. Unexplained snowstorms bring winter wolves into an otherwise peaceful area.

46. A lonely mountain pass is guarded by a powerful sphinx denying all passage.

47. Evil mercenaries begin constructing a fortress not far from acommunity.

48. An antidote to a magic poison must be found before the duke dies.

49. A druid needs help defending her grove against goblins.

50. An ancient curse is turning innocent people into evil murderers.

51. Gargoyles are killing giant eagles in the mountains.

52. Mysterious merchants sell faulty magic items in town and then attempt to slink away.

53. A recently recovered artifact causes arcane spellcasters’ powers to go awry.

54. An evil noble puts a price on a good noble’s head.

55. Adventurers exploring a dungeon have not returned in a week.

56. The funeral for a good fighter is disrupted by enemies he made while alive.

57. Colossal vermin are straying out of the desert to attack settlements.

58. An evil tyrant outlaws nonofficially sanctioned magic use.

59. A huge dire wolf, apparently immune to magic, is organizing the wolves in the wood.

60. A community of gnomes builds a flying ship.

61. An island at the center of the lake is actually the top of a strange, submerged fortress.

62. Buried below the Tree of the World lies the Master Clock of Time.

63. A child wanders into a vast necropolis, and dusk approaches

64. All the dwarves in an underground city have disappeared.

65. A strange green smoke billows out of a cave near a mysterious ruin.

66. Mysterious groaning sounds come from a haunted wood at night.

67. Thieves steal a great treasure and flee into Mordenkainen’s magnificent mansion.

68. A sorcerer attempts to travel ethereally but disappears completely in the process.

69. A paladin’s quest for atonement leads her to a troll lair too well defended for her to tackle alone.

70. A kingdom known for its wizards prepares for war.

71. The high priest is an illusion.

72. A new noble seeks to clear a patch of wilderness of all monsters.

73. A bulette is tearing apart viable farmland.

74. An infestation of stirges drives yuan-ti closer to civilized lands.

75. Treants in the woods are threatened by a huge fire of mysterious origin.

76. Clerics who have resurrected a long-dead hero discover she’s not what they thought.

77. A sorrowful bard tells a tale of his imprisoned companions.

78. Evil nobles create an adventurers’ guild to monitor and control adventurers.

79. A halfling caravan must traverse an ankheg-infested wilderness

80. All the doors in the king’s castle are suddenly arcane locked and fire trapped.

81. An innocent man, about to be hanged, pleads for someone to help him.

82. The tomb of a powerful wizard, filled with magic items, has sunk into the swamp.

83. Someone is sabotaging wagons and carts to come apart when they travel at high speed.

84. A certain kind of frogs, found only in an isolated valley, fall like rain on a major city.

85. A jealous rival threatens to stop a well-attended wedding.

86. A woman who mysteriously vanished years ago is seen walking on the surface of a lake.

87. An earthquake uncovers a previously unknown dungeon.

88. A wronged half-elf needs a champion to fight for her in a gladiatorial trial.

89. At the eye of the storm that tears across the land lies a floating citadel.

90. People grow suspicious of half-orc merchants peddling gold dragon parts in the market.

91. An absentminded wizard lets her rod of wonder fall into the wrong hands.

92. Undead shadows vex a large library, especially an old storeroom long left undisturbed.

93. The door into an abandoned house in the middle of town turns out to be a magic portal.

94. Barge pirates make a deal with a covey of hags and exact a high toll to use the river.

95. Two parts of a magic item are in the hands of bitter enemies; the third piece is lost.

96. A flight of wyverns is preying upon sheep as well as shepherds.

97. Evil clerics gather in secret to summon a monstrous god to the

98. A city faces a siege by a force of humans, duergar, and gnolls.

99. A huge gemstone supposedly lies within a ruined monastery.

100. Lizardfolk riding dragon turtles sell their services as mercenaries to the highest bidder.