Top 5 Best Uncommon D&D Magic Items

The Concept of thematically linked sets of magic items that provide more power when used together has a great pedigree in fantasy fiction, Magic item sets to remedy that.

The collection benifites of each set are carefully designed to provide appealing bonus abilities that aren’t unbalancing.

The character never pays gold for these extra powers: Their value is not added to the costs of the items in the set.

We don’t want a player whose item set components have not yet yielded any additional abilites to feel like he has paid too much for his item.

If a character must somehow pay for the ability, collection the set feels more like working off a debt than seeking something fun.

Instead, the balancing factor of the sets comes from the PC using his item slot for the items of the set instead of item that might be more advantageous.

So, lets start the megic item details;

1. Oil of Slipperiness

These megic item is very intresting and easly useful.

The Oil of Slipperiness appears to be gunky and sticky but will seamlessly cover a player or the floor once it is out of the container.

This potion is durable, lasts a full day, and can be used for multiple purposes.

What is inside of Oil of Slipperiness

  • This potion can also be poured on the floor to make opponents slip and fall if they fail a Dexterity check. This is so amazing if you have a lot of opponents.
  • If the potion is poured on a person, it has the effect of freedom of movement. The character cannot be paralyzed, restrained, and speed cannot be affected by magic, or the magic items is smoothly run.
  • Their properties is so fantastic.

Some informative details about that Oil of Slipperiness:

  • Applying the Oil of Slipperiness takes about 10 minutes.
  • The potion will last for eight hours and is effective for small and medium-sized characters; larger playera require more oil.

2. Potion of Fire Breath

Upon opening, the liquid in the potion contain orange or red hues, and flickers like a candel.

In fact, smoke may swirl out of the bottle. The aroms of the potion is sharp, but its contents are smooth and spicy.

Read enjoyfully and find out more about the Potion of Fire Breath, or find out their more using techniques.

What is inside of Fire Breath:

  • Potion of Fire Breath is very intresting, or dragon and breathe fire on enemies in battle.
  • After drinking the potion, you can exhale fire at anyone or anything up to 30 feet.
  • Potion of Fire Breath to use against undead creatures because many types are vulnerable to fire!

More informative detais about that Potion of Fire Breath.

  • For the potion to work, you can drink the whole bottle. Taking a sip will not be effective.
  • Whoever is the recipient of the fire breath need to make a Dexterity saving throw(DC 13) or will take 4d6 fire damage. If the save is made, damage is divided in half.
  • You can breathe fire up to only three times, but no more

3. Potion of Healing

This magical item is very intresting and fantastic, these are use easily. One discovers early in D&D campaigns; that healing potions are essential for surviving to the next level of game play.

Sometimes, the DM can bring forth an enemy (or ten), that nearly obliterates your party.

Potion of healing are universallt needed on any gaming adventure, beginning or advanced. It’s work slowly, but its highly effective in characters.

What is inside of Potion of Healing:

  • The potion of healing is more amazing, but it is necessary to keep the character alive, & it’s all time effective, so the player can continue to enjoy the adventure.
  • If your cleric has exhausted his, or her healing spells for the day and you need to restore hit points!

Some more informative details about the Potion of Healing details:

  • The potion will have a red hue and the character must drink the entrire amoumt to reap the full healing benifits.
  • For Uncommon Potions of Healing, the being drinking the potion will regain 4d4+4 hit points.
  • The rarer the potion, the more hit points a characters will regain.

4. Ring of Walter Walking

From the reliable site according, “While wearing this ring, you can stand on and move across any liquid surface as if it were solid ground.”

The ring does not only include walking on water, but includes other surface like acid, ice, lava, mud, or snow. Read enjoyfully and find out or know more intresting megical items on this D&D game!

What is inside of Ring of Water Walking:

  • It’s so amazing, who would not want to walk on water?
  • The magic item lasts if the holder is wearing the ring.

Some more informative details that Ring of Water Walking:

  • The aura of the Ring of Water Walking is golden.
  • The ring is an ornate silver, with opal gems decorating the band.
  • The ring does not requrie an attunement.

5. Ring of Warmth:

This magic item is very intresting & its use simply.

The Ring of Warmth is a modest-looking piece of jewelry, as the band of the ring is typically brown, and the top of the ring is white with two animals.

The underside of the ring is covered with a white fur and upon putting on the ring, the wearer is instantly protected against the cold. Read enjoyfully and find out more information about that magic item.

What is Inside of the Ring of Warmth:

  • The ring would be great to have if the campaign take place in a drafty castle or up in the mountains!
  • The wearer of the ring enjoy resistance to cold damage.

Some more informative details about that Ring of Warmth:

  • All item with or on the wearer have cold protection up to -50 degrees F (Fahrenheit)
  • This ring will need to be attuned before wearing.
  • The aura for the Ring of Warmth is white.
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