Attunement 5e | Dungeons And Dragons Magic Item

This post we are going to talk about the Attunement. It is an one magic item, those provide lots of magic on many dnd characters.

What Is Attunement?

Atttunement in dnd comes into play when we look at magic items. Some magic items will have a little note on them saying that it requires attunement.

What this means is to fully wield the powers granted by the magic item, a special bond must be created between the wielder and the item.

How Does Attunement Work?

In dnd attunement works by taking a short focusing on the magical item. Obviously, you can sprinkle on whatever flavor you wish.

For instance, a Bard trying to attune to a magical lute could spend a short rest messing around with the tuning of the lute to become familiar with the item and forge that bond.

There are a number of caveats that come with attuning to an item. Only one creature can attune to a particular item at a time. So you can’t share attunement with an item (Unless the item states otherwise)

A creature can only attune to three magical items at once. If a creature is already at three attunements and wants to attune to a new item, then it must first break the bond with one of the three items it’s currently attuned to.

To end an attunement a creature must spend another “short rest” with the item, similar to when they initially created the bond.

Attunement to any given item can end if the creature is more than 100ft from the item for more than 24 hours.

It will end if the attuned creature dies. It will also end if another creature attunes to the item.

How Long Does It Take To Attune In 5e?

Typically, it takes a short rest. However, the item might dictate that it require a longer or a more intricate attunement process.

Does A+1 Weapon Require Attunement In 5e?

No, a basic +1weapon doesn’t require attunement.

Can You Attune To Multiple Items At The Same Time In 5e?

You can attune to up to three magical items at the same time.

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