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Yugoloth is a very powerful monster on dnd. In this post we have briefly discuss their intresting and hitting points, which are describe in below;

Yugoloths are fickle fiends that inhabit the planes of Acheron, Gehenna, Hades, and Carceri.

They act as mercenaries and are notorious for their shifting loyalties. They are the embodiments of avarice.

Before serving under anyone’s banner, a yugoloth asks the only question on its mind: What’s in it for me?

Spawn of Gehenna. The first yugoloths were created by a sisterhood of night hags on Gehenna.

It is widely believed that Asmodeus, Lord of the Nine Hells, commissioned the work, in the hope of creating an army of fiends that were not bound to the Nine Hells.

In the course of making this new army, the hags crafted four magic tomes and recorded the true names of every yugoloth they created, save one, the General of Gehenna.

These tomes were called the Books of Keeping. Since knowing a fiend’s true name grants power over it, the hags used the books to ensure the yugoloths’ loyalty. They also used the books to capture the true names of other fiends that crossed them.

It is rumored that the Books of
Keeping contain the true names of a few demon lords and archdevils as well.

Petty jealousies and endless bickering caused the sisterhood to dissolve, and in the ensuing power grab, the Books of Keeping were lost or stolen.

No longer indentured to anyone, the yugoloths gained independence, and they now offer their services to the highest bidder.

Fiendish Mercenaries. Summoned yugoloths demand much for their time and loyalty.

Whatever promise a yugoloth makes are quickly broken when a better opportunity presents itself.

Unlike demons, yugoloths can be reasoned with, but unlike devils, they are rarely true to their word.

Yugoloths can be found anywhere, but the high cost of maintaining a yugoloth army’s loyalty typically exceeds what any warlord on the Material Plane can pay.

Being self-serving creatures, yugoloths quarrel among themselves constantly. A yugoloth army is more organized than a ravening horde of demons, but far less orderly and regimented than a legion of devils.

Without a powerful leader to keep them in line, yugoloths fight simply to indulge their violent predilections, and only as long as it benefits them to do so.

Back to Gehenna: When a yugoloth dies, it dissolves into a pool of ichor and reforms at full strength on the Bleak Eternity of Gehenna.

Only on its native plane can a yugoloth be destroyed permanently. A yugoloth knows this and acts accordingly.

When summoned to other planes, a yugoloth fights without concern for its own well-being.

On Gehenna, it is more apt to retreat or plead for mercy if its demise seems imminent.

When a yugoloth is permanently destroyed, its name vanishes from every Book of Keeping.

If a yugoloth is re-created by way of an unholy ritual requiring the expenditure of souls, its name reappears in the books.

The Books of Keeping: When all four copies of the Books of Keeping disappeared, Asmodeus and the night hags lost control of their yugoloth creations.

Each Book of Keeping still exists, drifting from plane to plane, where the brave and the foolish occasionally stumble upon them.

A yugoloth summoned using its true name, as inscribed in the Books of Keeping, is forced to serve its summoner obediently.

The yugoloth hates being controlled in this manner and isn’t shy about making its displeasure known.

Like a petulant child, it will follow its instructions to the letter while looking for opportunities to misinterpret them.

The General of Gehenna: Somewhere in the brimstone wastes of Gehenna, there roams an ultrploth so strong that none contests his power: the General of Gehenna.

Many yugoloths search for this great general in the hope of serving with him. They believe that, service with the General of Gehenna grants power and prestige among lower planar entities.

Whatever the case, no fiend finds the General unless the General desires it. His personal name is unknown, and even the Books of Keeping contain no mention of this powerful, thoroughly evil entity.


Arcanaloths are sly, jackal-headed beings with humanoid bodies, but they can employ magic to take any humanoid form.

They do so to gain the trust of creatures with whom they negotiate, replacing jackal snarls with winsome smiles.

Regardless of its chosen form, an arcanaloth appears well groomed, clothing itself in fine robes.

Highly intelligent spellcasters who hunger for knowledge and power, arcanaloths command units of lesser yugoloths and maintain the contracts, records, and accounts of their kind.

Arcanaloths speak and write all languages, making them cunning diplomats and negotiators.

An arcanaloth properly paid can broker treaties or alliances with subtlety and finesse, just as an arcana loth who changes sides can easily turn the best-laid peace talks into all-out war.

What the fiend demands in exchange for its time and talent is information, as well as powerful magic items that it can trade for even more information.


The bulk of the yugoloth population is made up of mezzoloths, which are human-sized insect creatures covered in dense chitinous plates.

Mezzoloths serve as foot soldiers in yugoloth armies, their wide-set eyes glowing red as the mezzoloths bear down on their foes.

Violence and reward are the fundamental drives of a mezzoloth, and powerful beings that promise one or the other can easily attract them into service.

Although it has lethal claws on its four arms, a mezzoloth typically wields a trident in two of them.

If surrounded by enemies, a mezzoloth exhales toxic fumes that can choke and kill whole groups of creatures.


The elite airborne shock troops of the yugoloths, nycaloths look like muscular gargoyles.

Powerful bat wings bear them swiftly aloft in battle, and the razor-sharp claws of their hands and feet cut through flesh and bone with ease.

A nightmarish foe, a nycaloth strikes hard and fast without warning, then teleports away. It uses its innate magic to turn invisible or create illusory doubles of itself, further confounding its enemies.

Nycaloths are the most loyal of the yugoloths. When they find an evil master that treats them well, they are unlikely to break their agreement unless the reward for doing so is extreme.


Ultroloths command the yugoloth armies of the Blood War. An ultroloth looks like a slender gray-skinned humanoid with an elongated head.

Its face bears no features except for two ovoid eyes. These eyes can become sparkling pools of light that can transfix other creatures and leave them reeling and helpless.

Frequently at one another’s throats, ultroloths continually scheme to enhance their own power.

When not employed to fight in the Blood War, ultroloths lead yugoloth forces throughout the planes, acting as crime bosses or commanders of evil mercenary companies.

With a reputation for cruelty, ultroloths command their minions to fight while the ultroloths stay removed from combat themselves.

Lesser yugoloths know their place when facing an ultroloth and respond to its summons without demand for payment.

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