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Rabbitfolk is a very simple and useful race. It’s play a very different roll on dnd.

This post we have briefly discuss their Rabbitfolk Names, Rabbitfolk Traits and some intresting information are describes, you can check below;

What Is Rabbitfolk:

The people of the island nation never give much thought to rabbitfolk, but such feelings are bot borne of malice; rabbitfolk are the most welcome of the beastfolk and have an easy time living and blending into life in Korrik.

Rabbitfolk have been known among other beastfolk as neratuu, which means “we that speak” in Beast Speech and lapines informally.

Little of Body, & Big of Heart:

Rabbitfolk are small, though not the smallest of Korrik’s major races. They are taller than halflings, standing a bit less than three and a half feet tall, but a little more lanky, weighing about 35 pounds.

Rabbitfolk from northern climes have white hair on their heads and bodies, while those from southern areas of the island nation will have hair of a darker color.

The hair is thickest along the shins, forearms, chest, and elongated ears, resembling a rabbit’s.

Their faces are also very rabbit-like, showing buck teeth and light colored eyes.

Rabbitfolk like lavish clothing with earthen tones for colors, preferring whites, greens, and brown hues over reds and purples.

They have a preference for robes and coats, as well as long sleeve shirts, preferring the comfort they bring.

Rabbitfolk are more widespread than most beastfolk. Though more are among the Union of Gear, and thus, in Cyterria, a fair portion can also be found in Mend and Dragonreach.

Fun with Whimsy:

Rabbitfolk are naturally drawn to people. They are extroverted and genuinely enjoy the company of others.

This behavior is symbiotic, as most others enjoy the company of rabbitfolk. There is the superstition that rabbitfolk are lucky, so the only time their presence is not particularly welcome is when playing games of chance, such as dice and three-dragon ante.

Fortunately, few rabbitfolk live in Ryohan, so this issue arises rarely. In fact, most rabbitfolk live in Gullen, working in their own way as policitcal advisors.

Rabbitfolk are kind and caring, placing a great deal of stock in performing good deeds, but the expectation of reward is not something that enters their minds.

They live their lives getting a thrill out of playing pranks and tricks, harboring a lackadaisical approach to life, but this almost never leads to harm of another than a bruised ego.

In fact, they enjoy making people of high standing uncomfortable, but don’t do so out of malice, merely annoyance for such stiffness.

Rabbitfolk are well-liked and mainly serve in public function where they can affect the greatest outcomes, such as diplomates, advocates, and sometimes politicians. They are convincing liars, but it’s not something they like doing.

A Brave New World

Rabbitfolk will seek adventure because of the new experiences it provides.

Entering caves and dens, exploring ancient ruins, and learning of lost worlds and civilizations ignities a rabbitfolk’s curiosity to no end.

It takes little to influence a rabbitfolk to head out into the widw world, but they won’t do so without forethought.

They enjoy anything new and will relish new locales and sensations, viewing any of this with a lust for life.

Rabbitfolk Names:

Rabbitfolk prefer to take human names, though some will adopt names derived from Beast Speech.

Common Names: Any human names, as well as Cenaav (He/She Reveals), Cretetuu (They Scream), Vecetuu (I Whisper), Venaaj (I Wander).

Rabbitfolk Traits:

The rabbitfolk character is a race that bears many similarities but are commonly separated into a few groups.

Pleasant and laid back, there are few people that hate rabbitfolk.

Ability Score Increase: Your Charisma score increases by 2.

Age: Rabbitfolk usually live a little over a century before they pass away. They become adults at around age 16 or 17.

Alignment: Rabbitfolk tend to be warm, polite, and kind, following a commonly good alignment but are also known for having a strong conscience and temperament.

They will hold big ill will towards others if they consider they have been wronged, so they’re just as likely to be lawful as chaotic.

Size: Rabbitfolk tend to be short and lithe, standing about 3 feet tall, but weighing not much more than 35 lbs. Your size is Small.

Speed: Your base walking speed is 25 feet.

He Can Leap About: You have advantage on ability checks to escape a grapple or wriggle free of bonds.

Rabbit’s Foot: If any enemy scores a critical hit against you, you can use your reaction to turn the critical hit into a normal hit.

If you do, you can’t use this trait again until an attack roll against you rolls a 1 on the d20 or you finish a long rest.

Affable: You have proficiency in the Persuasion skilll.

Languages: You can speak, read, and write Common and Beast Speech.

Subrace: Rabbitfolk are separated into subraces, each corresponding to a different color: White and brown. Even the different color has different personalities.

Random height and weight

  • Base height – 2′ 8″
  • Height modifier – +2d4
  • Base weight – 32 lb
  • Weight modifier – ×(1)lb

    Frequently Asked Question of Rabbitfolk

    1. What Book Is Rabbitfolk?

    The Rabbitfolk race can be find on sourcebook of “The Wild Beyond The Witchlight“.

    2. What Language Does Rabbitfolk Speak?

    According to description, the rabbitfolk race have their own language, called “Mutomyen”, and which they all speak.

    3. How Long Do Rabbitfolk Live In DND?

    As per description, rabbitfolk can live an average 40 year, and rabbitfolk grow at a very rapid pace. About a week after birth, they can walk unaided, and reach maturity at around the age of 10.

    4. How High Can Rabbitfolk Jump?

    Rabbitfolk can jump 1d12 feet. Rabbitfolk don’t ignore the jump rules, they just have a special jump they can use once per turn.

    The Rabbit Hop feature tells you how far they can hop when using the trait: 1d12 feet.

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