The Ten Best D&D Sorcerer Spells

If you want to know which are most Sorcerer Spells on Dungeons and Dragons. Here is the list given below.

10 Best Sorcerer Spells in D&D

1. Magic Missile

The best sorcerer/wizard spell is…. Magic Missile.

We chose magic missile as the best because it’s the spell your characters is likely to cast more than any other spell especially if you’re playing a sorcerer. While it’s damage is not especially good (not at caster level1 or 2, anyway), magic missile always hits.

The ability to stick a few points of damage on the bed guys at will is tremendously useful. At 3rd levl, magic missile gives an average of 7 points of damage; at 5th level, 10 points; at 7th level, 14 points; and at 9th level, 17 points. No saving throw, no attack roll, no energy resistance, no nothing.

Just damage, pure and simple. Better yet, magic missile lets your characters damage things that other characters have a very difficult time hurting, such as monsters with damage reduction or incorporeal(ghostly) monsters like shadows or wraiths.

2. Invisibility

We probably would have dropped this a spot or two, but the fact that it’s only a 2nd-level spell means that invisibility is one of the best options available in the game.

It’s a tremendously powerful defense against most monsters or villains if you choose to use this spell and not to attack directly.

Invisibility lets your characters flee from almost anything easily, and its usefulness for lains if you choose to use this spell and not to attack directly.

Invisibility lets your character flee from almost anything easily, and its usefulness for scouting and sneaking into places is obvious.

Best of all, it works great when your sorcerer casts it on allies, too. The rogue loves being invisible to set up his or her sneak attack, and the invisible cleric is free to move around and heal up friends in the thickest of fights.

3. Polymorph

The king of 4th-level spells is polymorph. The amount of versatility offered by.the spell is just crazy.

You want defense? Use polymorph to change your character into something with a good AC, like a hag.

You want offense? Change your character into something with a high Strength and great natural attacks, like a dragon.

Need to save a buddy from a cave-in? Find a monster with a burrowing speed and dig for him or her.

Better yet, you can use this same spell to change other players’ characters into whatever you need them to be. Polymorph
rewards the player who knows the Monster Manual well, and it’s just fun, too.

4. Fireball

The best spells simply change the game when your character acquires them, and fireball is the perfect example.

The ability to deal heavy damage to multiple foes at the same time is a major ramp-up in your sorcerer’s power.

Before you get fireball, you look at a roomful of enemies and resign yourself to taking out one, maybe two, with your sorcerer’s first spell.

After fireball, your sorcerer might clean out the whole encounter in one devastating shot. Better yet, unlike the sleep or hold monster spells, the damage from a fireball stacks with the damage the fighter and rogue are dishing out with their attacks.

Even if your sorcerer doesn’t wipe out all the monsters in one shot, you make the encounter easier for everyone else. (Remember to avoid frying your friends with the spell; if they’re too close to the bad guys, they’ll take damage, too.)

Lightning bolt is every bit as good as fireball; you could pick either one and do just fine.

5. Teleport

Like fly (#8 on the list), teleport is a crucial characters capability that lets your sorcerer and other characters escape from even the direst situations.

Choosing the right time to leave the dungeon saves more character’s lives than any other tactic, spell, or magic item. As long as your sorcerer has a teleport spell handy, the adventuing party is only one standard action away from a cold ale and hot dinner at their favorite tavern, no matter how bad things are getting in the dungeon.

We would have ranked his spell higher, but the fact that it’s a 5th-level spell means that you have to wait a long time before your characters is of a high enough level to get it.

6. Sleep

Many people feel that sleep is insanely good for a 1st-level spell. With one spell, your sorcerer might drop two, three, or four low-level opponents, destroying an encounter outright.

It’s true that sleep is just devastating against the right opponents—but we find that after your character reaches 2nd or 3rd level and starts fighting CR 2 or 3 monsters, the odds of clobbering a creature with a sleep spell drop off drastically.

In fact, many players with sorcerer characters use their 4th-level spell swap to chuck sleep and learn something else.

Still, for all that, sleep is a game-breaker for a 1st-level party. Nothing will help your sorcerer get to 2nd level faster.

7. Stoneskin

There are three 4th-level spells that just rock: improved invisibility, polymorph, and stoneskin.

For this spot on the Top Ten, we’re going with stoneskin. It is an extraordinarily effective defense against 99 percent of the monsters and villains your character will meet.

Better yet, your sorcerer can cast it on friends; a fighter with stoneskin can stand in front of almost any monster and shrug off its attacks while he or she carves it to pieces.

8. Fly

The 3rd-level spell list includes so many good choices that it’s hards to pick just one. Certainly, dispel magic, haste, and suggestion are very strong choices, too.

But we’re going with fly because it is a critical capability that any adventuring party needs to have available after reaching a certain level.

Many monsters simply have no answer to a flying opponent, allowing you to win an encounter with ease. And fly lets your character breeze past almost any vertical obstacle in a dungeon or in the wilderness, such as a cliff, chasm, or pit.

(We would have chosen dispel magic for this slot, but here’s the deal: Your cleric buddy can prepare dispel magic as a cleric spell, covering your party’s dispelling needs. Your sorcerer has to save spell picks for spells the cleric can’t replicate.)

9. Hold Monster

We would have ranked hold monster higher, but the fact that it’s a 5th-level.spell means that you have to trudge through 8 or 9 levels of your sorcerer’s adventuring career without it.

Hold monster is a “save-or-die” spell that can paralyze anything susceptible to compulsion effects.

Many monsters have an Achilles’ heel in their Will saves, and hold monster allows your sorcerer to exploit that weakness and end almost any encounter in the first round.

10. Mirrorlm age

The list of 2nd-lEvel spells contains some great spells; choosing the five that your sorcerer knows it tough.

Mirror image competes with blur, alter self, and web, but we chose mirror image because nothing is as good at saving your bacon when your sorcerer is surrounding by three angry ogres.

Even at higher levels, your character’s mirror image spell is great for getting dangerous foes to waste attacks striking or blasting at nothing.

I hope you like the list givem above.