Create Spelljamming Helm 5e | Spell Guide for 5th Ed. D&D

Create Spelljamming Helm is one of the best spells in DND. This is an transmutation spell of the fifth level.

The range of this spell is touch and it takes one action to casting. It requires vocal, somatic and material components and its duration is instantaneous.

5th level Transmutation

Casting Time: 1 action
Range: Touch
Components: V, S, M
Material: A crystal rod worth at least 5,000, gp which the spell consumes
Spell List: Artificer & Wizard
Duration: Instantaneous

Holding the rod used in the casting of the spell, you touch a large or smaller chair that is unoccupied. The rod disappears, and the chair is transformed into a Spelljamming Helm.

Frequently Asked Question of Create Spelljamming Helm

Some people ask about the Create Spelljamming Helm spell, so here is the answer;

1. What Does Create Spelljamming Helm Do In DND?

A creature that has died within the last minute is touched by you. The creature is revived with one hit point.

The spell will not be able to bring back to life a creature that has died of old age or restore any missing body parts.

2. What Book Is Create Spelljamming Helm In?

Create Spelljamming Helm spell can be found in the sourcebook of Spelljammer Adventures In Space, and its full details are detailed in the book.

3. Who Can Cast Create Spelljamming Helm 5e?

As per spell description, Create Spelljamming Helm spell can be cast by artificer and wizard classes that has spellcasting ability.

4. What Level Do Yo Get Create Spelljamming Helm?

Create Spelljamming Helm is a 5th level transmutation spell, which is a good level for a spell.

I would like to highlight that this spell is part of the Transmutation school of magic.

5. Which Material Do You Use In Create Spelljamming Helm?

The material used in Create Spelljamming Helm is a crystal rod worth at least 5,000, gp which the spell consumes.

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