Revivify 5e: D&D 5th Edition Spell

Revivify is one of the most powerful spells in DND. This is an necromancy spell of the third level. This spell takes one action to cast and has a range of touch. The material required for the spell is diamonds worth 300 gp, which the spell consumes, and its duration is instantaneous.

3rd level Necromancy

Components: V, S, M
Material: Diamonds worth 300 gp, which the spell consumes
Casting Time: 1 action
Range: Touch
Spell List: Cleric and Paladin
Duration: Instantaneous

You touch a creature that has died within the last minute. That creature returns to life with 1 hit point. This spell can’t return to life a creatures that has died of old age, nor can it restore any missing body parts.

Frequently Asked Question of Revivify

Some people ask about the Revivify spell, so here is the answer;

1. How Does Revivify Work In DND 5e?

A creature that has died within the last minute is touched by you. The creature is revived with one hit point. The spell will not be able to bring back to life a creature that has died of old age or restore any missing body parts.

2. What Book Is Revivify In?

Revivify can be found in the sourcebook of Xanathar’s Guide to Everything, and its full details are detailed in the book.

3. Who Can Cast Revivify 5e?

During an adventure, players may get access to a number of resurrection spells, including Revivify. Starting at 3rd level, spells such as this can be learned by Artificers, Clerics, Paladins, and Divine Soul Sorcerers. Celestial Warlocks will also be able to learn the spell.

4. How Long Do You Have To Revivify?

Revivify is a spell that lasts for ten days, so if you caught them within the first minute after they had died, then you have ten days to cast it. You should be able to cast Revivify on that body if you cast Gentle Repose within one minute (e.g. not as a ritual).

5. Does Revivify Consumes The Diamond?

In the event that the DM allows the diamond to be used for resurrection, the diamond component will be consumed and nothing will remain, as specified above.

6. What Level Can You Get Revivify?

Revivify is one of the earliest resurrection spells you can obtain. The spell is available to clerics as early as level 5 and to paladins as early as level 9. There is minimal material cost associated with the spell.

7. Can Revivify Work On Undead?

Raise Dead even discusses the fact that it is unable to restore the undead, whereas Revivify does not. It is always a creature that becomes another. Alternatively, it is a creature changing its type in either direction.

8. Can You Fail Revivify?

A revival ritual that fails will result in a character’s soul not returning to their body, this means they are forever lost. When a player attempts a resurrection spell that requires only one action, such as revivify, close friends cannot contribute, and the DC for the resurrection check cannot be lowered.

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