Watery Sphere Spell Guide and Overview for 5e

The Watery Sphere spell is a very simple and useful spell on dnd, in this spell you conjure up a sphere of water with a 5-foot radius at a point you can see within range.

The sphere can hover but no more than 10 feet off the ground. The spherere-mains for the spell’s duration.

4th-level conjuration
Casting Time: 1 action
Range: 90 feet
Classes: Druid, Sorcerer & Wizard
Source: Xanathar’s guide to everything
Components: V, S, M (a droplet of water)
Duration: Concentration, up to 1 minute

Any creature in the sphere’s space must make a Strength saving throw. On a successful save, a creature is ejected from that space to the nearest unoccupied space of the creature’s choice outside the sphere.

A Huge or larger creature succeeds on the saving throw automatically, and a Large or smaller creature can choose to fail it.

On a failed save, a creature is restrained by the sphere and is engulfed by the water. At the end of each of its turns, a restrained target can repeat the saving throw, ending the effect on itself on a success.

The sphere can restrain as many as four Medium or smaller creatures or one Large creature. If the sphere restrains a creature that causes it to exceed this capacity, a random creature that was already restrained by the sphere falls out of it and lands prone in a space within 5 feet of it.

As an action, you can move the sphere up to 30 feet in a straight line. If it moves over a pit, a cliff, or other drop-off, it safely descends until it is hovering 10 feel above the ground.

Any creature restrained by the sphere moves with it. You can ram the sphere into creatures, forcing them to make the saving throw.

When the spell ends, the sphere falls to the ground and extinguishes all normal flames within 30 feet of it.

Any creature restrained by the sphere is knocked prone in the space where it falls. The water then vanishes.

Frequently Aksed Question of Watery Sphere

Watery Sphere is very intresting spell, but most of the time its so confusing, people ask some question about Watery Sphere, the answer is given below;

1. Is Watery Sphere Good 5e?

The Watery Sphere is conjuration spell, it is a good spell in dnd. The casting time of this spell is one action and range are 90 feet. The component of spell is a droplet of water.

In this spell firstly you conjure up a sphere of water with a 5-foot radius at a point you can see within range.

The sphere can hover but no more than 10 feet off the ground.

2. Does Watery Sphere Suffocate?

There is no specific rules are given for suffocate, but the creatures does not suffocate, unless it has a negative CON bonus.

Thus, unless the creature has a negative Con bonus (Con lower than 10), it can hold it’s breath longer than the sphere lasts.

3. Can You Cast Watery Sphere In Tha Air?

You could not, As per spell rules, however, cast it and then move it 50 ft up since the spell specifies that it has a maximum height it can hover at.

4. Is Watery Sphere Ranged Spell?

Yes. Watery sphere spell have a range, and its range is 90 feet.

5. Who Can Use Watery Sphere 5e?

The Watery Sphere spell can uses on druid, sorcerer, & wizard classes, that has spellcasting. This all classes are highly useful for spell.