Ration 5e | A Guide for Wondrous Item from D&D

Ratio is one of the most powerful types of adventuring gear. Its rarity is standard, and it has a weight of 2.

Item Type: Adventuring Gear
Item Rarity: Standard
Weight: 2

Ration consist of dry foods suitable for extended Travel, including jerky, dried fruit, hardtack, and nuts.

Frequently Asked Question of Ration

Ration is one of the most powerful adventuring gears, but there are usually many questions about it, so below you will find the answer.

1. What Is DND Ration 5e?

The rations contain dry foods suitable for travel for extended periods of time, including dried fruit, hardtack, and nuts.

2. What Food Is In Rations In DND?

The rations that are included in these kits consist of dried food including jerky, dried fruit, hardtack, nuts, cereals, and so on, that are suitable for long-term travel.

3. How Many Rations Can You Carry 5e?

Accordingly, there are four rations per gallon, and 160 rations per 40-gallon barrel. It is important to mention that this does not include any water or other drinks.

4. How Long Does A Ration Last DND?

For instance, if you can go 3 days without food, you can go 6 days on half rations, eating 3 rations during that time period. However, eating a full ration will reset the timer.

This means that if you consume one full ration, wait three days, and then consume another full ration, you may easily survive for 7-8 days with two rations.

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