Exhaustion 5e : A Condition Guide Explained in Very Short

Exhaustion 5e: Extremely high or low temperatures, not having enough food, and certain special skills can all cause a condition called exhaustion. These are the six levels of exhaustion. According to the effect’s description, a creature can be exhausted at one or more levels. Full guide is here.

Levels of Exhaustion 5e

    1 – Disadvantage on ability checks

    2 – Speed halved

    3 – Disadvantage on attack rolls and saving throws

    4 – Hit point maximum halved

    5 – Speed reduced to 0

    6 – Death

If an already exhausted creature suffers another effect that causes exhaustion, its current level of exhaustion increases by the amount specified in the effect’s description.

A creature suffers the effect of its current level of exhaustion as well as all lower levels. For example, a creature suffering level 2 exhaustion has its speed halved and has disadvantage on ability checks.

An effect that removes exhaustion reduces its level as specified in the effect’s description, with all exhaustion effects ending if a creature’s exhaustion level is reduced below 1.

Finishing a long rest reduces a creature’s exhaustion level by 1, provided that the creature has also ingested some food and drink. Also, being raised from the dead reduces a creature’s exhaustion level by 1.