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2nd Edition of Spelljammer: Adventures in Space (2e) is now available here to download.

AD&D ® game campaigns using the SPELLJAMMER fantasy setting pose some problems unli ke those found in other fantasy worlds.

The greatest problems are the open-ended nature of the campaign, and the space involved. A tr ip from Earth to Mars in our fantasy terms takes only a few days.

Using 20th century technology, the same trip would ta ke over a year and a half under optimum conditions.

Getting Started: The Type of Campaign

The SPELLJAMMER fantasy setting can be used in a number of ways. It may be used as a change from the standa rd ground -based campaign, using established heroes from your campaign who find themselves in space.

The heroes may have one (or severa l) adventures in space before deciding to return to t heir native lands, or they may choose to remain in a fu ll-fledged space-based cam-paign.

A second use for the setting is to create a fully space-based A D&D fantasy campaign, not tied to any planet or area.

A third use of the setting is to provide background for adventures within your own campaign.


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